20 Julai 2011

:::::Cik Eiyla - Away to SP & SomeWhere at Taiping

Last week Cik Eiyla and family go to SP to get my diploma. AfterAlready complete, my whole family go to Pasar Rabu on the other hand near Alor Setar. Already satisfied our streets go to Taiping on the other hand drop in my uncle's house to bathe and eat. Shortly after that,we went straight streets near Taiping Lake's Garden. After that we continue our journey to return to Melaka

Cik Eiyla time singgah makan kat Rembau...Nie before we all pergi SP...We drop by my uncle house, Pektam...

Yang nie we all kat Taman Tasik Taiping...saja rehat2kan minda..

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