04 Oktober 2011

Maybe Cik Eiyla will postpone my study because had some problems. Well to continue study must  need the money so Cik Eiyla must be fully prepared. But for Cik Eiyla most important things was Cik Eiyla really want to study . Like the Intellectual said " the property would be gone no matter how much it is, but the knowledge will not be exhausted even as high as any we learn more !"

Insyaallah , whatever happen Cik Eiyla will be continue study  just as soon as possible. Cik Eiyla truly can't wait to be a STUDENT again ! Study for a whole night, make a discussion group with others, make a revision before exam & the thing that Cik Eiyla really like to do is SURFING internet by the whole night ! Can't wait that time !

Cik Eiyla really miss the moment when Cik Eiyla study at Kedah about three years ago . We had such a good time together ! Always make some funny things to release our tension about study ! My En Shah also give me some precious moments when Cik Eiyla study at Kedah. Huhu !

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